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Opt for the sheer luxury at the very top, life in an apartment designed with luxury and elegance in mind, all the services you could wish for, in Belgium's most luxurious, most sought-after seaside location Knokke, with international access and the crème de la crème all around you. Don't settle for anything less than the life you have always been used to - seize the opportunity of La Rive.

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When you stay in the finest hotels, you expect to have a range of high quality services on offer. As a resident of La Rive and upon payment of a fee, you can make use of the services of the neighbouring hotel ‘La Réserve’, including a spa and wellness centre, all the facilities of a concierge, a breakfast service and much more...

So don't delay any longer - your new apartment at La Rive is designed for you and waiting for you. Be one of the privileged few, in the only place to be.

the place to be

center of your world

La Rive enjoys a truly exceptional location. The large terraces face the sun and overlook the tranquil Zegemeer lake or the casino. The sea, the famous Albert beach and the Promenade are just 200 meters away. The prestigious Royal Zoute Golf Club and Royal Zoute Tennis Club are right here and on Kustlaan is to be found a concentration of the most luxurious retailers in the world. This is why, when the talk is of hotspots, Knokke is always top of the list.

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20 Dec 2016

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19 Dec 2016

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apartments are waiting for you

To realise this dream come true, the finest materials have been included to give La Rive its contemporary but timeless looks. Oak parquet or fine tiles for the flooring, the finest design kitchen and bathroom equipment money can buy. Your new apartment has been designed to provide you with exactly the right amount of space to live your life exactly as you wish.


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